Since 2007 I have been focusing creatively on my monsters and robots series. This has been an incredibly liberating and rewarding experience after spending the time before it trying to make functional work for profit. Now I just don’t care if I make money or not.
I have been exploring the world of monsters since my college years, but always as an escape to my more serious figurative sculptures.  Working in the genre again re-lit the fire that was missing in my work, and had me eager to enter the studio each day to start and finish new pieces.
In November of 2010 I joined FM Oakland as one of their resident studio artists. Each month we open our door for the Oakland Art Murmur and dozens of visitors took time to draw a robot or monster in my sketch pads that I had laid out. From this project a bunch of wonderful pieces have been created.....
And in July of 2014 I was selected to bring my Monsters and Robots Project to the de Young Fine Arts Museum! While there for the month I set up a working studio in Kimbell Gallery where thousands of visitors participated in the project and many sculptures were a sculpted.